Why Elope to New York?

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I never realized how many couples choose to elope to New York City! They come from everywhere–Europe, Asia, South America, and Australia, not to mention the American states. I have had the good fortune to work with couples from so many countries and spots here in the U.S., and from time to time, I even host an elopement for someone in the “wedding business.” That just goes to show, what a wonderful way it is to share lifetime vows! The following is an essay by Jennifour Jones, a wedding and event of Go Get It in Los Angeles. Here are her thoughts:

My now husband and I thought about eloping for some time, but we couldn’t figure out where to go. No matter what, we knew we were still throwing a big party for our friends and family in the summer. We also made arrangements to go on a European honeymoon after the big day. So, should “our spot” be someplace close to our city, offering convenience? Should it be random and obscure? Or perhaps we should think hard about a place that was meaningful? Ultimately, we decided on a place that had special meaning for us and provided an opportunity to get away from our daily lives in LA. We picked New York City!

It was perfect. New York held special meaning for my husband and I, as it is where we fell in love. The first two and half years of our relationship was long distance, with my husband living in LA, while I was in Manhattan. Rob would often fly out for along weekend to visit, and our days in NYC were wonderful memories. Having a private ceremony with just the two of us made it feel so wonderful and special. It was like a fun secret between the two of us. All of New York is special, but Central Park…..well, it’s magic. Once we shared our secret location with friends and family, they were thrilled by the spirit and romance of it all. People commented that it seemed like it was out of a movie….we thought so, too!

-J. Jones & R. Loftus

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