The Blessings of New Babies

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One of the great joys of officiating so many weddings is watching these new families bloom in the years following the wedding.  I’ve often said, when “my” couples welcome a new child into their hearts, I feel like I proud grandma.

This past week, Brian and Debbie gave birth to baby Connor who joins his older siblings.    I was thrilled to see the announcement on Facebook!  I married Brian and Debbie at a lovely ceremony, at the Brooklyn Winery, in 2012.    Likewise, I anxiously await the adoption of Mike and Graham’s daughter, in my native Oklahoma.   Following their Easter Sunday Central park wedding of 18 months ago, they will make their life-changing pilgrimage to my home state shortly to receive the greatest gift of all—a birth family passing their child to open arms who can give her all the love and support imaginable.  Just a few years ago, before the passage of marriage equality laws and the demise of DOMA, the mere existence of this family have been much less likely.  To these couples and all of my other brides and grooms who’ve welcome new life into their hearts and homes, I say a hearty “Mazel Tov.”

I stand ready to serve these couples—and others—with meaningful, unique baby blessings and welcoming ceremonies.   As with all Celebrant-led rituals, these are specially crafted to reflect the values, philosophies, and stories of each family.  To learn more about this work, visit my Families and Children’s website.

I recently came across these vintage baby birth announcements and certificates for blessings.  I am drawn to vintage images and think they would make a lovely memento for such a ceremony.

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