National Ice Cream Day

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Since becoming a Life-Cycle Celebrant over a decade ago, my mantra has always been “Celebrate Always and in All Ways.”   So, I routinely check a variety of Apps that offer daily holidays, from all around the world.  Often the holidays are religious or political, sometimes they relate to the seasons.  And, often they are just silly.  Today, on one of the hottest days of the year, I noticed it is National Ice Cream Day!  That makes plenty of sense to me.

Thoughts of ice cream take us back to our childhood.  In my earliest days back in Oklahoma, I remember our milk man Fred leaving ice cream (Dreamsicles, specifically) in our icebox near the garage.  We would race out to buy ice cream, too, when we heard the familiar tune of the ice cream truck.    Special treats would including going to our local Braum’s Ice Cream Store (peppermint was my favorite) or the Dairy Queen where I loved a good dipped-top cone (vanilla soft serve ice cream topped with hot chocolate).  When in the big city, Oklahoma City, we would make special trips to Kaiser’s Ice Cream.  Their ice cream tables, fountain, and mosaic tiled floors are etched in my memory for all time.   Their peach ice cream was the stuff of dreams.

As the years moved on, the hand turned ice cream freezers gave way to motorized versions, which took much of the elbow grease out of making delicious creamy ice cream.  And these days, one can buy a fully motorized and automatic machine, from Martha Stewart and others, that are little more than freezer gadgets that do all of the work, except picking a flavor. 

New York of course, is home not only of all the various commercial brands we love—Ben & Jerry’s is my favorite, but many specialty stores ranging from Serendipity to the new Van Leeuwen’s “artisan” ice cream that offers options for the ever-increasing number of vegans.  May we all have many opportunities this summer to enjoy ice cream with those we love—and revisit those happy childhood memories.


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