May Day Meets Easter Baskets

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In some places in America children gift “May Day” baskets of flowers, to neighbors and friends. If fully executed properly, the child rings the doorbell, leaves the basket on the neighbor’s door or front porch, and runs away before being “caught.” Even though these years are long gone for me, I still enjoy leaving flowers on May Day, particularly to elderly shut-ins.

I took a page out of that playbook by preparing an Easter basket for a fun, new friend here in my apartment building.  (All of my little chicks left to ride out the pandemic elsewhere, so I only had one basket to make.)  I gathered lots of chocolates with some Easter decorations…and voila! An Easter basket for one of my fellow sufferers who will be in New York for the holiday. I’ve been collecting Easter decorations for years and complemented them with after holiday sale products from the Paper Source, one of my favorite card & gift shops in the City.

I very much like the idea of using this idea to make Easter even more specials for loved ones.  And, come to think of it, any day is a good one to surprise someone in your community with a bouquet–or basket–of flowers.

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