Let There be Light

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It has become tradition for me to have at least one candle going at all times, especially if I am working.  I love having the flicker of candlelight and the wonderful aroma. 

In reviewing a recent book I just came upon, The Little Book of Symbols, I came upon the following entry for the candle:

“The symbolism of the candle is a combination of the wax from which it is made and the flame that brings it to life.  In Christian rituals, wax is used to make candles that embody the spiritual light dispensed by Christ.  The flame completes this image of vitality and illuminating the darkness.  The rising flame evokes the elevation of the soul.  But it must be carefully nurtured, just as life, must protected and cherished.  The fragility of the flame, which can flicker at the slightest breath, echoes human vulnerability.  In the Catholic tradition, lighting a candle for a deceased person represents his or her soul ascending to heaven.  The candles on a birthday cake, with the number representing the years that have passed, mark the progression towards maturity and perfection.”

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