Happy (Lunar) New Year!

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The Lunar New Year falls somewhere in January or February—just about the right time for people like me to renew our commitment to January 1 resolutions. I am happy to note any seasonal celebration, be it the Jewish New Year, the vernal/autumn equinox, or the summer/winter solstices.

The Lunar New Year (often referred to as “Chinese New Year”) is a multi-day, all out extravaganza all over Asia. In American cities with a sizable Asian population, such as New York and San Francisco, there are parades, family dinners, and much more.

We are embarking upon the Year of the Dragon, which legend says will be marked by excitement and unpredictably. 2012 is, specifically, the year of the Water Dragon—the first since 1952. Water has a calming influence on the dragon, allowing him to see the world from the point of view of others—something sorely needed in today’s chaotic world.

The traditions of the Lunar New Year are varied—from actions to honor the deities to cleaning one’s home to “sweep away “the past. I plan to throw a party in my office that includes moon cakes, fortune cookies, prosperity coins, and many banners and decorations. Go ahead…..begin again!

p.s. In perusing articles about this holiday, one from the Detroit Free Press made the wonderful point that this holiday is a special opportunity to help Asian adoptees embrace their heritage.  The Adoption Institute, the wonderful institution led by my friend Adam Pertman, shows that Asia leads all other regions in the number of international adoptions with American families.

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