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As a Seminary Student at the One Spirit Learning Alliance, I am reminded of the importance of regular rituals of worship and spiritual renewal.  In my efforts to strengthen a range of spiritual practices, I am re-committing myself to circulating daily reflections–little bits of wisdom and encouragement that provide illumination and delight.  For quite some time, I circulated, by email, such quotations to a group of woman friends.  The tradition was valuable for me and, I hope, for my girlfriends.  However, as life would have it, I became increasingly busy and the emails became less and less frequent.  Yet, I recognize that dedication to spiritual practices are the first priority of one’s day, not one of those little agenda items to be squeezed in whenever possible.  It is only being being grounded in one’s faith-filled philosophy, whatever that may be, that a person can position herself to walk gracefully into the world, honoring her true self and being of love and service to others.

For now, I will post these bits of wisdom, drawn from many sources, on a blog.  I would welcome to hear thoughts from you, about words you find especially powerful!  Enjoy.  May these words nourish your soul.

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