Baby Blessings after a Storm of Loss

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For generations, miscarriages have been a source of hidden grief for couples and families. Sadly, miscarriage is a relatively common occurrence. The New York City-based Seleni Institute estimates that one in four pregnancies is spontaneously aborted. In addition, 1 in every 160 births is still born.

Friends and loved ones continue to grapple with comforting words to say in these circumstances. And, as so many miscarriages happen early in a pregnancy, the loss may go unknown to all but the closest loved ones. But, in recent years, this all-too-common personal loss has come into the light with books, support groups, and online communities.

A sweet, recent trend that draws attention to the heartache of miscarriage, as well as offering hope for successful births in the future, is the proliferation of mentions of Rainbow Babies. Expectant mothers and those who’ve recently delivered have taken to social media and beyond to announce the beauty after the storm. Their anticipated births and successful pregnancies….their rainbow babies… are the much yearned for blessings following the storm of personal loss. No doubt this trend provides personal healing and hope for many going through this unfortunate circumstance.

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