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Over the last several years, I have become something a movie buff (I have even made working my way through the American Film Institute’s top 100 movies a goal on my “bucket list.”) In my last job, one of my favorite co-workers Laurie hosted her annual Oscar contest—a pooled betting experience—which heightened the award show experience for all of us. These days, I draw excitement and enthusiasm for the program through my friend Denise….her sister is a fancy executive with People magazine and actually attends the ceremony! A few years ago, I found myself feeling particularly connected to the proceedings as my friend and webmaster’s partner was up for an Academy Award in the short documentary category. Although Roger’s film “Music by Prudence” was not considered a front-runner by the Oscar odds makers, he won!

Now that I am a card carrying Celebrant, I submit to you that the Oscar show is just another reason to host a casual Sunday evening gathering of family and friends. Numerous party shops and online companies, including the Oriental Trading Company and Party Cheap,  offer a cornucopia of nifty party items from special invitations, “red carpet” entrances for the home, special centerpieces and serving items, and much more. And, what attendee wouldn’t want to dress up in her red carpet finery with plenty of sequins, stiletto heels, and gobs of costume jewelry. Or consider the option of inviting guests to join in the fun dressed as their favorite movie character? While various websites offer up ideas for Oscar night party games, I say, “Sit back and enjoy the show.”  Print out your “racing form” from Oscar’s official website, and have a ball!

If you live in New York, consider the following Oscar parties highlighted by New York Magazine:

Gotham Comedy Club
Joe’s Pub
The Village Poorhouse
Union Hall
Brooklyn Winery

The above picture of Oscar statues is from the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry.  Enjoy some inspirational photos for your Oscar party!

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