Celebrating New York

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There are only a few rotations of flags at Rockefeller Center in Mid-town Manhattan.  Usually, you will find country flags encircling the area that is most famous for the skating rink.  And, sometimes, one will notice the American state flags.  During the holiday season, the area is festive with green, red, and gold flags matching the wonderful decorations in the area.  I recently noticed in June, the location was fully draped in the famous rainbow pride flags. 

When I visited the Plaza to pick up my mail the other day, I noticed something different—bright, beautiful flags all around—no two were the same.  And they all had distinctive drawings and designs.  Turns out, this spring, as the Pandemic was raging in New York, there was a call for designers of all sorts to create designs that spoke to their affection for the city.  The Flag Project sought to capture what is unique about the Big Apple.  The designs were created by local folks, as well as people around the world.  Young and old, famous and not-so famous…enjoy some of these shots from the Flag Project.

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